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In order to recruit women and increase the diversity of skills, styles and experiences in engineering, we need to talk about engineering in a way that relates to women when they’re making choices about their future. WEMADEIT has set out to rebrand engineering for high school girls. Instead of assuming we know what high school girls want from their career or how they relate to information today, we hired a Youth Think Tank of high school girls to help us solve the problem.

WEMADEIT Youth Think Tank

WEMADEIT aims to provide pertinent information on engineering in a language and format that is familiar to teen girls. We’re talking with girls instead of talking at them – after all, they know themselves best. Our team of girls, ages 14 – 17, will use their unique insight into the world of teenage girls to help us create an accessible, informative and entertaining website about engineering that appeals to them.

For girls, by girls: is making it happen.

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