Job Shadowing

The job shadowing program at UOIT is to offer opportunities for female engineering students to job shadow female engineering professionals in collaborating companies.

Our goal is to encourage female students to enter an engineering career and help them be prepared for this by creating opportunities for female students to:

* Experience one or more engineering working environments first hand
* Connect with female engineering professionals as potential mentors
* Expand their networking contacts
* Increase their hiring opportunities

Two business women

At the same time, we also create opportunities for employers to:

* Strengthen connections with university
* Connect with promising potential employees
* Showcase female positive workplace practices

The UOIT job shadow program consists of two parts. First, we invite collaborating companies to give seminars about the company profile, their main business, training program, and providing advice and tips on taking an engineering career as female professionals. Then, we organize students to participate in job shadow trips in these collaborating companies to give students first-hand experience in a working environment.  

In the first year of this program, we have invited three companies GE, Cisco, and Hydro-One to participate. We held workshops with each company where the company volunteers gave excellent presentations about various information of their companies,  and useful career advice to our students based on their experience and view.

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